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Who We Are

We collaborate with customers and try to become an integrated partner with them, acting as an extension of management and professional teams, delivering digital business platforms and ecosystems to simplify technology and assist in capturing emerging possibilities in a technology-driven environment. We provide innovative solutions, as well as insights and processes to organizations.

Clapping Audience

We are independent and focus on client advisory services. We are not a provider of outsourced services, software or hardware technology services.


As an independent advisor, we are unbiased and solely focused on our clients' returns.


We act as an independent intermediary and provide oversight on solution implementation with our client and their integration and technology providers.

Fast Facts

Executive coaches and management consultants & advisors


Head Office located in Edmonton - work at the local, national, and international levels


Delivered services to clients in the public, non-profit, and private sectors

Our Mission

We work with visionary leaders who are dedicated to building better futures for their enterprises.


Shaping the future with our clients, by applying our talents, expertise, and insights in the consulting and innovation development services we provide, to unlock their growth potential and achieve their desired outcomes.


Our Values - Simplify!


We work collaboratively with clients and strive to become an integrated partner with our clients, serving as an extension of management and professional teams.

  • ESG, Scope 1,2,3, Decarbonization, Energy Diversification, Industrial and Digital Technology accessibility and relevant modernization.

  • Programs for Sectors – Agriculture, Energy, Oil n Gas, Transportation (Sea, Air, Land), Mining, Manufacturing, Renewables.

  • Programs for your staff - roles accountabilities, actions, predictive analysis, making PMs and Bas more valuable in your organization and value chain.

  • Programs for your Organization and Partners.

  • Programs for Value chain optimization and QDAS.

  • Programs for Technology and Energy Diversification (how and when to adopt new energy sources or technologies).

  • Programs to redesign operations for hybrid work.

  • Diversification programs, shared services and cost reduction in an environment of geo political change and regulatory compliance.

The Resultant Group Story

The origin of our name and logo:

At Resulatnt Group we set out with the goal to help companies accelerate their Modernization, Sustainability, Resource Optimization and Transformation challenges.

Our approach is based on a model that thrives for thousands of years in Nature.

Taking a bio-mimicry approach of collaborative and cooperative insects (ants and bees), we enable an inclusive and collaborative approach to drive relevance, sustainability, growth with active participation across the business canvas and value chain.

Our Logo


The infinite loop with Silver, White, green, blue and purple, represents a circular and closed loop environment, where everything is used and reused.

White – represents innovation, growth and flexibility

Green – represents waste mitigation, clean technologies and emissions

Purple – represents water (and liquid) use and reuse

Silver – represents rare earth materials, ground disturbance, optimization and restoration

Key Principles

  1. We begin where you are, with no preconceived notions of what should be.

  2. We are focused on performance enhancement and long-term viability.

  3. We promote independence by assisting you in developing the potential to accomplish long-term success without the assistance of specialists.

  4. We will notify you if we believe you do not require our services.

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