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Get hands-on experience through our workshops and develop your business ideas

For a limited time only - SPECIAL OFFERS for Conference Attendees of:

Energy Supply Chain and Procurement Summit 2022

Operational Excellence Week Canada  2022

Carbon Tracking and Reporting Canada - 2022

Methane Mitigation Summit - 2022

To receive in-person or online workshops, post-conference assessments, or supply chain decarbonization and optimization services.

Presented by Dave Gajadhar,
Founder & CEO at Resultant Group

Dave is CEO and founder of Resultant Group. Dave Gajadhar is a practicing Sustainability, Innovation, and Accountability Management Advisor with a special focus on Government, Regulated industries and Socio-Economic Sustainability services across North America and the Caribbean.

Dave's industry experiences in Utilities, Government, Tourism, Manufacturing, Regulated industries, Human and Health Services, Aboriginal communities developing and implementing business strategies, policy changes, Sustainability growth practices with particular emphasis on public-private partnerships, competition, government efficiency, transparency, accountability, growth and performance.

Dave’s objective is to find new creative and innovative means to support sustainability, finance growth, infrastructure and deliver shared services across communities.

In these upcoming workshops we will cover:

Workshops Calendar - 2023




Phoenix, Arizona & Houston, Texas

21-23 & 28-30 January, 2023

St. Paul, Minnesota

15-17 February, 2023

Phoenix, Arizona

22-24 February, 2023

Supporting Sustainability, Economic Growth, Compliance & Reporting

Phoenix, Arizona & Houston, Texas

22-24 & 29-31 March, 2023

Business Resumption and Modernization Accelerator

Phoenix, Arizona & Minneapolis, Minnesota

19-21 & 26-28 April, 2023

Removing Barriers to Sustainability and Generative Growth

Phoenix, Arizona & Houston, Texas

17-19 & 26-28 May, 2023

Further Workshops will be Added



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