Training, Workshops and Education


Our practical workshops focus on real innovation opportunities facing an
organization. Over the course of our workshops and sessions, we will
address the cultural and organizational issues that must be dealt with to
allow innovation to thrive in an organization.

The primary outcome of our workshops will be a documented innovation
management process, operating in pilot mode, addressing your real life
innovation opportunities. Also included is an implementation plan for the
rollout of the innovation management process and action plans, tailored
specifically to your organization, for addressing your cultural and
organizational issues.

Our established process can help your organization to quickly and
efficiently tap its innovation potential.

Developing, Executing and Sustaining a Culture of Innovation

Today, innovation defines competitive advantage, drives strategy, and is a fundamental prerequisite for growth and transformation. Tomorrow, innovation will be the only practical source of competitive advantage, will dictate strategy, and will determine whether an organization will succeed or fail.

Our workshops and private trainings explain how to encourage a culture of innovation that works best for your organization. Whether you work in government or the private sector, enabling innovation at every level of the organization is vital to your success. You will learn how to support a system for innovation that results in innovative and value-added products, services and business models. You will learn how open innovation techniques can be used to increase the number and quality of innovative ideas at your disposal.