Risk Management and measurement are complex and failure can be catastrophic. Operations, Revenue, and resource management are also challenging because expense management and profitability are mostly generated not from short-term activities but from long-term management of client portfolios. Additionally, calculating risk requires dealing with organizations multiple risks methodologies such as Lean practices, six sigma, and PMO’s and Asset management. This inherent complexity makes the design of performance measurement reporting difficult, whether for a front-line unit or the corporation as a whole; it also makes management’s need for effective performance measurement more critical.

How are we distinctive? Many organizations are plagued both by having too many dials on their management dashboards and having problematic measures that can be counter-indicative to creating value. Trimming the list of measures down to one effective set that is tested to ensure that negative, unanticipated consequences are not the result (e.g. from achieving a given goal only to find out that doing so was not correlated with stakeholder value).

We have defined a selection of measures that harmoniously encompass an organization's desire to simultaneously;

  1. Increase stakeholder value

  2. Deliver services to a growing share of clients by offering compelling points of differentiation, and

  3. Continually strive for improvements in operational efficiencies and productivity.

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