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Workshop 1 - RG879

Surviving Transition with Energy and Technology Diversification


Influencing the integration of emerging industrial, mobile and digital technologies to support growth, profit, risk mitigation and regulatory compliance is critical for survival!


September, 2022


Phoenix, Arizona

Workshop 2 - RG889

Technology: A Goal Zero Enabler


Technology is an enabler but people, culture and experiences across the value chain are Foundational.

Diversification, compliance, risk mitigation, and growth are all enabled by the integration of industrial, automation, mobile, technologies, and tacit knowledge


October, 2022


Houston, Texas

Workshop 3 - RG899

Business Impacts Planning for Unforeseen Events


Technology and big data have progressed the financial management side of this role to the point where some sections can now be automated. C-level executives' emphasis and experience are moving to incorporate a new type of strategic planning and coaching, which plays a part in preparing your firm for unforeseen occurrences.

Unexpected Events That May Lead to a Business Crisis




Dallas, Texas


We help businesses improve their performance through innovation in products, services, and strategy. Select your course(s) below to enrol in.

  • Workshop 1 - RG879

    Surviving Transition with Energy/Technology Diversification
    • Closing the gaps and enabling organizations
    • Overcome the barriers and constraints to react
    • Market demands and regulatory changes
    • Identify the relevant actions to enable flexibility
    • Adaptability and resource optimization
    • How to meet demand dynamics
    • Identify and prioritize diversification opportunities
    • Cost of diversification and impact to stakeholders
    • Removing artificial barriers to diversification and more...
  • Workshop 2 - RG889

    Technology - A Goal Zero Enabler
    • Technology as an enabler for business diversification
    • Align your business vision with advancements in the industry
    • Create a sustainable business advantage
    • Reinvent the company’s culture
    • Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)
    • Harnessing all technologies as an enabler
    • Build a holistic mitigation framework
    • Embrace diversity in resilience strategies
    • Connect resilience efforts with other goals
  • Workshop 3 - RG899

    Business Impacts Planning for Unforeseen Events
    • Dynamic workforce of the future – your workforce strategy
    • Cultural integration - transitions
    • Change is about People, Participants, Attitudes, Behaviours
    • Draft your recovery / restart change strategy
    • Map your operating path, from feedstock to consumer use
    • Technological disruptions, readiness and transitions
    • Automation, Robotics and the distributed workforce
    • Diversification and Supply chain readiness
    • Execute a contingency plan / bring up a backup supply chain
    • Build a resilient supply chain with intelligent automation
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