GECA Environnement - Calming the Fears of the Unknown

Suzanne Allaire and Melissa Leung, Founder, GECA Environnement

Host Dave Gajadhar, of Resultant Group, speaks with industry experts in Biochar and Pyrolysis Suzanne Allaire and Melissa Leung in the initial podcast on residue valorization and Pyrolysis.

GECA is an international leading expert and consultant in pyrolysis and biochar related projects based in Canada, with projects in 4 different continents.

Host Dave Gajadhar explores the difference between pyrolysis, combustion and incineration and the current state of the industry. With the particular importance of pyrolysis in the transition towards a greener economy, many questions are raised about its maturity, its potential and impact, and the products it generates.

First, a brief overview of the pyrolysis process is done. Then, Suzanne, Melissa and Dave discuss the maturity, potential and environmental impact of such technology. The guests talk about the problems faced by project developers and attempt to make suggestions to globally reduce perceived risks and allow such technology to develop its full potential as a waste management and valorisation option.


Please stay tuned for follow up podcast on this topic as we move to inform our listeners on the problems technology such as pyrolysis is solving and the related opportunities a result of reuse and repurposing of converted material.

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