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Collaborative Solutions

People Bringing People Together.

Facilitation services to help people find solutions and develop consensus.

Virtual Facilitation

Our skilled facilitators may deliver the sessions outlined below either virtually or in person. To host virtual workshops, we employ Microsoft Teams and Zoom, as well as a range of collaboration tools.

Facilitated Workshops

Custom workshops that provide outcomes while keeping your group's approach in mind. We create agendas that fulfill meeting objectives and establish strong teams, whether it is one workshop or numerous workshops.

Focus Group Discussions

Different groups contribute various viewpoints, and these perspectives are important. We give expert feedback and insights into these viewpoints through question design, interview guide preparation, and extensive note collection. We can accommodate small or large parties.

Consultation with Stakeholders

We bring big and small groups of stakeholders together, pose strong questions, and combine responses for decision making. We organize sessions that are high energy, engaging, and enjoyable, where everyone gets an opportunity to be heard, whether they are part of a bigger project or a single attempt to gain support for an idea or plan.

Large Group Gatherings

Multi-person gatherings that bring people together around a meaningful subject, establish shared meaning, and promote ideas. Our Open Space Conference, a highly engaging workshop style, takes groups through generation of topics and subjects, deeper meaning creation, and priority setting and action planning.


The key to a successful meeting is good design and effective facilitation. The term facilitation is derived from the Latin word "facilis," which meaning "to make easier" or "to make less difficult." Facilitation is the process of providing a structure and atmosphere that encourages individuals to collaborate and solve problems.


Clarify Objectives

Understand the objectives and be certain of the desired outcomes.

Understand Your Audience

Determine who will be there in relation to the context and intended outcomes.

Design Agenda

Determine the flow, activities, cadence, and material that will help you reach your goals and objectives.


Deliver the agenda, making changes as needed.


Examine and discuss what worked, what was difficult, and what should be done differently in the future.


Integrate what you've learned.



Working Together
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