Organization Assessment and Evaluation


Our clients are senior business and IT executives who value, independent, in- biased and impact-oriented approach. We have no financial interest in downstream IT implementation or outsourcing services, Resultant Group acts as an objective IT facilitator and advisors. Our clients also value Resultant Group strengths in strategy, organization, and operations, as well as the strategic lens we apply to IT enabling business.

Our IT expertise is concentrated in the following critical areas:

  • IT Strategy. We help clients leverage IT in their business-planning and innovation efforts and develop strategic IT architectures and road maps.

  • IT Transformation. We help clients use IT to transform their value propositions, organizations, operations, and financial results.

  • IT Sourcing. We develop overall IT and business-process sourcing strategies and help clients select, make agreements with, and manage outsourcing and offshore units more effectively.

  • IT Organization. We help clients define the role and mission of their IT organization, design more effective organization structures, improve governance, and identify new people-and skills management practices.

  • IT Performance. We partner with clients to delineate key IT-performance objectives and metrics and improve IT efficiency and effectiveness.

  • IT Capability Maturity Framework. We utilize this framework to evaluate the full scope of IT's activities—both strategically and from a business-value-added perspective—and help clients optimize their IT functions and operating costs.