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sustainability, digital & business transformation and modernization


In today's economy, the challenge to reduce costs while moving to the generative growth phase by improving business processes and operations has never been greater. With our ability to maximize operational efficiencies, unlock growth potential, and empower transformative change, Resultant Group partners with clients to reduce overall operating costs and invest in business growth.


Our team has a blend of industry and consulting experience, which provides pragmatic solutions to complex issues while leveraging industry knowledge, experience and research.




Every organization is a technology
organization, regardless of their mission.  Recent trends and developments in process,
technology and IT management provides opportunities to help deliver technological solutions more effectively.

We started Resultant Group Sustainability Advisory Services in 2009, with the express purpose to deliver sustainability expertise to under-resourced organizations. Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art advisory services that can be
scaled to meet the needs of all types of organizations.

Today, Resultant Group is represented by approximately 85 professionals ready to contribute to our clients' success. Our ability to draw on experts in every field of business and sustainability is one of a few things that sets us apart from our competitors. We're proud to work with some of the best people in the industry, and thrilled to offer our clients a customized team of experts ready to tackle any sustainability and transformation challenge.


Expected outcomes from our Innovative, Creative and Enterprise services include:

  • Infectious innovative thinking throughout the organization.

  • Learning and TRUSTING new methodologies, systems, tools and processes that
    unlock creative genius.

  • Reinvigorated enthusiasm for tackling old challenges with fresh perspectives.

  • Individuals learn and unlock their own personal paths to innovative breakthroughs.

  • Team synergy, collaboration, energy, joy and a newfound sense possibility.

  • Solid, practical, useful and applicable tools and methodologies for idea
    generation and innovative breakthroughs.


Innovation - Creativity - Enterprise