Prepare for Digital and Business Transformation

The rise of emerging technologies is being experienced by the world. 

Companies and employees lacking mastery of quickly, evolving digital technologies are at risk of becoming obsolete.

Future is coming fast. For some of us, its already here.

When the world changes, so do we! 

Help your organization transform and succeed.


From Linear Businesses to Shared Services Business Models and Platform Ecosystems


What we see today is the rise of the platform economy – a shift from linear value chains to value creation networks.

The increasing need to have a transparent business strategy, growing focus on core business, overall improvement in performance, and rising data-driven decision making in the organization is driving the growth of the Enterprise Performance Market (EPM).

Adaptability is the new survival tool. How fast you react to disruption is your new competitive advantage.
Let us help you adapt and pivot.

The standard business model canvas is a perfect tool for linear businesses – we love it too. But using it to design multisided businesses can end up in a mess. That‘s where Resultant Group can help with business transformation to future states, training and online learning for organizations where you learn how to manage multiple value propositions.


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Advisory Services

Explore our core services below and book a platform opportunity exploration call with our team.

Keep ahead of an every changing world through our unique advisory programs that drive the activation of digital opportunities, agitate thinking, and show how to plan and accelerate business and digital transformational change.

Our advisors coach CXO teams to see complex challenges through the lens of both risk and opportunity. Informed by the findings and insights of our research and learnings, we offer unique perspectives, toolkits and methodologies to help organizations accelerate future state innovation and tangible advantages.

We can help you take control of digital disruption through adopting an architectural mindset which helps your organization exploit the possibilities offered by digital technology disruption. Benchmark, assess and adjust plans in line with emerging trends while calculating future possibilities and aligning business strategies to embrace them.


Business and Digital transformation isn’t just about technology. It’s also about aligning your teams and processes to foster innovation. Resultant Group’s training division, RG Academy makes it easy to educate and coordinate all organizational levels.

Hospital Employees


Empowering Employees to Increase Productivity and Ideate



Optimizing Operations and Services for Leaner Processes

Designing an Application


Innovating Products and Business Models

Our Services

Business Transformation Change

Identify patterns to accelerate business performance. Our transformation programs and services helps you identify those technologies driving change to established business patterns...

Business Advisory Services

Our enabling services are designed to help organizations embrace the key elements of platform strategy in everything they do. Explore our core advisory services. 


Training, Workshops and Education

Start delivering innovation from day one. Our practical workshops and training sessions focus on real innovation opportunities facing your organization.

Assessment and Evaluation

Before you spend significant time or money on specific initiatives, it's important to understand how sustainability impacts your business model, your value chain, and your products and services.

Architecture and Business Platform Frameworks

Our architecture and business frameworks help you model multi-sided, ecosystem based, digital platform models that are transforming the world of business and services.

Emerging Technologies and Integration

Innovation is the key to driving growth, value and competitive advantage in today's economy. Sustainability , innovation and creativity is about smart business. 

Strategic Planning and Delivery

Transform uncertainty into strategic action. Key to a successful business strategy is the ability to add value with repeatable mechanisms, change and evaluate future scenarios.

Smart Solutions

Developing, executing and sustaining a culture of innovation. Today, innovation defines competitive advantage, defines strategy, and is a prerequisite for growth and transformation. Tomorrow, innovation will be...

Risk Management

Risk management and measurement is complex and failure can be catastrophic. Emerging technologies, with integration and distributed capabilities can be an enabler for business to adopt a more coherent reporting framework for risk.

Are you ready to mobilize your Supply Chain and Ecosystem for Sustainable Opportunities?

The Resultant Group CEAP program is the deepest and most productive short-term iteration that an organization can adopt to strategically assess platform opportunities. 

This program will set the foundations for your organization to learn a shared language for digital and business platform design across silos and boundaries while accelerating your most strategic platform projects.